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Title : First Report of the National Transplant Registry 2004

  This report is now available for download in PDF format. You will need an Acrobat Reader to access the files. If you haven't got one, click here.
  You may either

Download the entire report. Click "All Chapters" below; this may take a while.

2. Download individual chapter of interest to you. Just click the Chapter Title below.
  All Chapters (2,423KB)
  Introduction (315KB)
  Report Summary (74KB)
  Chapter 1 Blood and Marrow Transplantation (382KB)
  Chapter 2 Cornea Transplantation (281KB)
  Chapter 3 Heart and Lung Transplantation (130KB)
  Chapter 4 Liver Transplantation (173KB)
  Chapter 5 Renal Transplantation (314KB)
  Chapter 6 Heart Valve Transplantation (167KB)
  Chapter 7 Bone and Tissue Transplantation (96KB)
  Appendix A Cadaveric Organ and Tissue Donation (87KB)
  Appendix B Data Management (97KB)
  Appendix C Analysis Sets and Statistical Methods (69KB)
  Appendix D Glossary (60KB)
  Appendix E Directory of Participating Centres 2004 (126KB)


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